Definition of hiya in English:



  • An informal greeting.

    • ‘And if you already know what I'm talking about, why not drop by and say hiya to our friends at Barbelith.’
    • ‘Girls would giggle as they swept past, too afraid to muster a squeaky hiya in case any of them replied.’
    • ‘We get results - hiya to our readership at the Beeb!’
    • ‘With Debbie wandering round the isles, I raced back home, sprinted inside, said hiya to the dogs, got my wallet and raced back to the supermarket.’
    • ‘Feels like a long time since I sat here and wanted to chat to you… so here I am… hiya everyone, what you been up to?’
    • ‘Author's Note: Well, hiya, how are all of you doing?’
    • ‘Oh hiya, I don't think I'll be able to make it in for the week.’


1940s: alteration of how are you?.