Definition of hive mind in English:

hive mind


  • 1A notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence.

    ‘he has become one of those celebrities whose online presence has made him a favourite of the Internet hive mind’
    ‘we appeal to the company hive mind when we're stuck’
    • ‘The hive mind is the biggest problem with markets.’
    • ‘Humanity becomes a single hive mind, with a group intelligence, as geography becomes putty in the hands of the Internet sculptor.’
    • ‘The company has unleashed over 1,400 bloggers, hoping that their emergent hive mind will speed the next version of their operating system to release.’
    • ‘We thought everyone was joining the blogosphere - melding into one enormous global hive mind.’
    • ‘Neither proponents nor detractors of hive mind rhetoric have much interesting to say about Wikipedia itself, because both groups ignore the details.’
    • ‘But how does a modern government control the hive mind without television and radio?’
    • ‘As we connect everyone and everything, we can't but help to use the hive mind to collaborate in surprising and unexpected ways.’
    • ‘Humans congregate and conflict with each other, obeying hive minds until we get to the end of the line.’
    • ‘I quite like the plucky little Englander thing, because it's the way the hive mind of London, if not the country, copes with attack and it's a good mechanism.’
    • ‘The view into the right wing hive mind is always worse than you expect.’
    • ‘What's behind this latest garbage is the notion of a collective intelligence, where the hive mind of the Interweb will improve an idea or piece of writing.’
    • ‘Before you know it, you're edging back towards something centralised, less distributed than a hive mind.’
    1. 1.1 (in science fiction) a unified consciousness or intelligence formed by a number of alien individuals, the resulting consciousness typically exerting control over its constituent members.
      ‘there is a Borg Queen who controls the hive mind’
      • ‘Hive mind aliens want to conquer earth.’
      • ‘The team thwarted Parish's plans not just once, but three times, if you count his ploy to try and use Jason's hive mind powers in "Gods and Monsters."’
      • ‘A pseudo-race dwelling in the Star Trek universe, the Borg force other species into their collective and connect them to the hive mind.’
      • ‘The Zerg have a human face in the form of Sarah Kerrigan, a woman with powerful telepathic abilities who had previously been captured and absorbed into the Zerg's hive mind.’
      • ‘The Doctor's race to Oswin brought him to a room full of Daleks, but Oswin hacked into their hive mind and deleted any knowledge of the Doctor.’