Definition of Hitchcockian in English:



  • Resembling or characteristic of the style of the English film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock, especially through the use of tension and suspense.

    ‘a Hitchcockian crime thriller’
    • ‘That film was downright Hitchcockian in its dragging of an ordinary woman into extraordinary circumstances.’
    • ‘I didn't expect what I heard a little later, either, and think I might have preferred the silence or even a Hitchcockian cacophony of birds.’
    • ‘This film matched elegant Hitchcockian suspense with a playful appreciation of the way love can make fools and liars of us all.’
    • ‘This sadistic Hitchcockian mystery is not without its flaws.’
    • ‘The opening scenes look very Hitchcockian: the film has a quite brilliant moment of suspense as the wife's trusty dog realises there is something wrong and, barking frenziedly, jumps aboard the rowing boat.’
    • ‘An almost Hitchcockian feel of implacable fate that filigrees the film must have given exhibitors second thoughts, and it's mostly known only to dedicated cinephiles.’
    • ‘What they couldn't see, but we could, was that there were only two screws left out of six holding the thing together—very Hitchcockian.’
    • ‘A black and white film, it forwent many of the traditional Hitchcockian devices of suspense.’