Definition of hit the spot in English:

hit the spot


  • Be exactly what is required.

    ‘the cup of coffee hit the spot’
    • ‘The rest is all pretty much in the same vein and hits the spot almost every time.’
    • ‘The occasional dish hit the spot, but for the most part the food was tired.’
    • ‘It's the pride and sense of achievement in that last line that hits the spot.’
    • ‘This hit the spot for me and the mild cheese and spinach acted as a good foil to the punchy pesto and distinctive asparagus.’
    • ‘It was a little over-chilled, but hit the spot nonetheless.’
    • ‘One of the conclusions hits the spot, but the others, while funny, are sitcom laughs.’
    • ‘It hits the spot when I'm in the mood for a creamy, fruity, snack.’
    • ‘It certainly hit the spot with that target market, with a redemption rate of 33 per cent.’
    • ‘If you gradually cut back on added sugar you may even find that a peach or an apple hits the spot.’
    • ‘When it's good, it hits the spot in perfect fashion.’