Definition of hit on in English:

hit on

phrasal verb

  • 1Discover or think of, especially by chance.

    ‘she hit on a novel idea for fund-raising’
    • ‘To prove the point, upon his return Rory hit upon the idea of doing a programme for BBC Radio 4.’
    • ‘The Cigar Club of Ireland has also hit upon a novel form of protest.’
    • ‘They hit upon the idea of creating a rare type of red hair dye and offering it for sale in small quantities.’
    • ‘One of the leading lubricant-manufacturing companies hit upon a novel idea to attract its customers.’
    • ‘Whether it was by chance or design Sam Allardyce has hit upon the strike force he has craved all season.’
    • ‘Substitute ‘fire’ for ‘water’ in Robbins' hypothesis and we may be hitting upon a parallel discovery.’
    • ‘He had hit upon one of the original graves and was too freaked out to go anywhere near the hole.’
    • ‘Three months after graduating, they hit London - and hit upon a novel way of getting themselves known.’
    • ‘Once you hit upon the perfect design you can race your creation against competitors from all over the world.’
    • ‘Banks have hit upon a novel idea to woo existing and potential customers.’
    discover, come up with, think of, conceive of, dream up, work out, invent, create, originate, develop, devise, design, pioneer, uncover, contrive, realize
    stumble on, chance on, light on, come upon, blunder on, arrive at
    put one's finger on
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  • 2North American Make sexual advances towards.

    ‘he was really hitting on me, with steamy looks and innuendos’
    • ‘The teacher has not mentioned it since and has not hit on me.’
    • ‘I prayed the bus would arrive early and lamented the fact that the people who hit on me are never cute young gifts.’
    • ‘I think it's a lot easier because I have a boyfriend and so most guys that I meet know I'm not trying to hit on them.’
    • ‘This was evidenced by the number of males who tried to hit on me.’
    • ‘My best friend's boyfriend keeps hitting on me and everyone thinks it's a joke!’
    • ‘If he persists, however, in hitting on you and continuing with the suggestive remarks, then, indeed, you have a harassment case.’
    • ‘Because when we were 15 years old, guys hit on us all the time, and we just wouldn't say anything.’
    • ‘When she hit on me, she did so as one person to another.’
    • ‘But in our keeping in touch that summer, he started hitting on me.’
    • ‘Lots of older guys hit on me, because I look older.’