Definition of hit (or strike) home in English:

hit (or strike) home


  • 1(of a blow or a missile) reach an intended target.

    • ‘She cried as she saw the two grapple, wincing as she saw some of the blows strike home.’
    • ‘The person staggered briefly as her blow struck home.’
    • ‘The move spelt his doom, for the blow struck home, driving the warrior, shield and all, into the side of the bridge.’
    • ‘However, headguards, whilst absorbing energy from punches, present an even larger target to be hit and thus the number of blows striking home may well increase.’
    • ‘The missile struck home, breaching through the exterior surface of the tower easily.’
    • ‘She saw the first missiles strike home, then the rest impacted in close succession.’
    • ‘Springing in, he was sure that his blow would hit home.’
    • ‘Behind him, the devastating salvo of missiles struck home.’
    • ‘Before the shot struck home, he targeted the second bomber and fired.’
    • ‘Claire hurled the pillow at her, but Mindy ducked back inside the house before her target hit home.’
    have the intended effect, make the intended impression, strike home, hit the mark, be registered, be understood, be comprehended, get through, sink in
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    1. 1.1 (of words) have the intended, especially unsettling or painful, effect on their audience.
      ‘she could see that her remark had hit home’
      • ‘Harding's smile did not falter but from the concerned glance his companion shot him I could tell that my remarks had hit home.’
      • ‘He spoke slowly, as if trying to make the words hit home.’
      • ‘Okay, so he was drunk and exaggerating (and was fairly remorseful about it the next day), but his words hit home.’
      • ‘Dexter's reference to my father was below the belt, but the remark struck home.’
      • ‘Judging from his reaction, my remarks obviously hit home.’
      • ‘Don looked slightly pained as his words hit home.’
      • ‘Rena's words had hit home, and she's still fuming over the other woman's ignorant comments.’
      • ‘When all is said and done, the critiques by Kessler-Harris and Nair strike home, particularly for a North American audience.’
      • ‘This last remark had a somewhat sobering effect on her as its full implications hit home.’
      • ‘She seemed to not understand what he had said, then the words struck home.’
    2. 1.2 (of the significance or true nature of a situation) become fully realized by someone.
      ‘the full impact of life as a celebrity began to hit home’
      • ‘But Christmas is also a time for reflection, and it is then that the truth begins to hit home.’
      • ‘Now the adrenaline rush is over after the high-speed chase, the reality of what might have unfolded were the car thief armed is beginning to hit home.’
      • ‘This sort of situation will hit home with anybody, because America is becoming the same no matter where you go.’
      • ‘Much the same has applied to Scotland since, in the 1990s, the highly-damaging effect of the industrial trouble in schools in the 1980s hit home.’
      • ‘You miss married life, and now that you've hit the one-month mark, the reality of your divorce has really begun to hit home.’
      • ‘The cool night air was clearing his head and the enormity of his problem was beginning to hit home.’
      • ‘While the meagre group of forwards in the squad has been remarked upon from the start, the consequences hit home all the harder in the tournament.’
      • ‘The realization that there was nothing left for her there hit home.’
      • ‘This is the kind of subject matter that will strike home painfully for many men and women in today's work force.’
      • ‘The reality of the situation is really hitting home now and it's scary to think that in six months, 325 employees will be out of jobs.’