Definition of hissy fit in English:

hissy fit


North American
  • An angry outburst; a temper tantrum.

    ‘I screamed and kicked the furniture and threw a hissy fit’
    • ‘Hazza throws a hissy fit about her mentioning them.’
    • ‘In two days, we hadn't even gotten through one whole song before dear Julian decided to throw a hissy fit.’
    • ‘Just as business was picking up, however, a young lady approached us, read the sign, and promptly threw a hissy fit.’
    • ‘The Baron is also known as the BB, or The Big Boss, which he aptly called himself when he threw a hissy fit at a former chef.’
    • ‘Instead of throwing a hissy fit, flinging insults, and taking down the flag, Hamm quietly negotiated to ensure his people got the best possible deal.’
    • ‘Lou throws a jealous hissy fit and Harold kicks him out.’
    • ‘And we got so bad that my mom would want to take me out for a feeding and I would cry and kick and throw a hissy fit.’
    • ‘She'll probably just end up throwing a hissy fit and saying that we're trying to steal her boyfriend, but whatever.’
    • ‘But there was no reason to throw a hissy fit over it.’
    • ‘When the pranksters revealed their hoax on Tuesday, the TV reporters threw a major hissy fit, outraged at having been sucked in.’
    • ‘The pair is soon joined by Jesse's brother Miles, who throws a hissy fit and captures Winnie.’
    • ‘After a few more seconds, he said, ‘Now, can I kiss you again or are you going to throw a hissy fit?’’
    • ‘I mean, one of the only times they've lost was because their coach threw a hissy fit and got them a 5-on - 3 disadvantage.’
    • ‘While Russia expressed cautious support for the Franco-German initiative, the United States, predictably, threw a hissy fit.’
    • ‘I looked over and saw Miranda throwing a hissy fit.’
    • ‘She disliked Heidi to a point where if Heidi was in Ryan's room Nicole would throw a hissy fit until she left.’
    • ‘Susan had thrown a hissy fit early on, not that David could really blame her.’
    • ‘Heather throws a hissy fit every time I go there.’
    • ‘During the subsequent backlash, he lost his rag and threw a total hissy fit, complete with flecks of spittle flying from his mouth.’
    • ‘If you throw a royal hissy fit this week people will probably laugh, and how much madder will that make you?’
    bad mood, annoyance, irritation, vexation, exasperation, indignation, huff, moodiness, pet, pique, fit of pique, displeasure
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1930s (as hissy): perhaps from hysterics (see hysteric).


hissy fit