Definition of hirola in English:



  • A rare yellowish-brown antelope native to Kenya and Somalia.

    Damaliscus hunteri, family Bovidae. Alternative name: Hunter's hartebeest

    • ‘There are now an estimated 100 hirola in Tsavo East National Park.’
    • ‘Current emphasis, led by EAWLS, is to work to preserve the hirola antelope in its home range.’
    • ‘The surviving hirola are threatened by drought, poaching and habitat loss.’
    • ‘Counts in the 1970's estimated the hirola population to be close to 14,000 animals, but by 1983, only about 7,000 were believed to exist.’
    • ‘Female hirola with young form groups of between 5-40, often including a single territorial male.’


Late 19th century: from Oromo.