Definition of hippuric acid in English:

hippuric acid


mass nounBiochemistry
  • A compound formed in metabolism and present in the urine of herbivores and other mammals.

    A benzoyl derivative of glycine; chemical formula: C₆H₅CONHCH₂COOH

    • ‘This led to the discovery of a natural metabolic process that combines sodium benzoate with glycine to produce hippuric acid.’
    • ‘For hippuric acid, we compared creatinine in urine and basic parameters of the two groups.’
    • ‘We measured urinary hippuric acid by spectrophotometry in all subjects to prove exposure to toluene.’
    • ‘Urinary metabolites which have been measured include phenol (benzene metabolite), trichloroacetic acid, hippuric acid, and methyl hippuric acid (xylene).’


Mid 19th century: hippuric from Greek hippos ‘horse’ + ouron ‘urine’ + -ic.


hippuric acid