Definition of hindquarters in English:


plural noun

  • The hind legs and adjoining parts of a quadruped.

    • ‘I must have the horse stopping its feet or disengaging its hindquarters before going downtown.’
    • ‘However, if running up slopes were a major selective factor, then one would expect increased musculature in the hindquarters to drive the legs.’
    • ‘Most people admire a dog that works with its head low to the ground, with its hindquarters high and its tail tucked between its hind legs.’
    • ‘He lifted all my feet and slapped my hindquarters like I thought it felt good or something.’
    • ‘Within a minute she retraced her steps at a frantic gallop, the vixen snapping at her hindquarters.’
    • ‘The leopard braced for the charge, tail twitching, snarling, head low, outstretched forepaws, hindquarters arched.’
    • ‘I tucked my front legs and lowered my hindquarters to the ground.’
    • ‘Seeing sores on the sows' hindquarters and legs, Lay concluded that the flooring was uncomfortable to them.’
    • ‘His hindquarters have filled out and his hair color looks grand.’
    • ‘He licks the loose hair down to his hindquarters and then gives up.’
    • ‘Cats should not be picked up by the scruff of the neck; instead, support the cats hindquarters in one hand and use the other to support its chest.’
    • ‘Fang spat at the ground by Talon's hindquarters, growling.’
    • ‘Mares turned their hindquarters to the north wind, bred foals without the aid of stallions.’
    • ‘See, the front half of the horse was simply white with black spots on its dappled middle, and her hindquarters and hind legs were jet black.’
    • ‘A mane of hair was left on the foreparts while the back and hindquarters were shaven.’
    • ‘One boy assumes the head, turning it this way and that, blinking furiously, another boy was in charge of the lion's hindquarters and its wagging tail.’
    • ‘A gorgeous, flowing, ashen tail streamed from his hindquarters.’
    • ‘No, he must splint its shins and hyperextend his hindquarters.’
    • ‘One attacked the throat, and the other three, the hindquarters.’
    • ‘He fit an arrow to his bow and shot the horse in the hindquarters at in the rear as the soldier attempted to mount.’
    buttocks, behind, backside, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks
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