Definition of hind in English:



  • attributive (especially of a bodily part) situated at the back; posterior.

    ‘a hind leg’
    • ‘Moments later he appeared, dragging his hind legs.’
    • ‘The Elders showed them how to gut the carcass and prepare the hide with a traditional tool fashioned from a hind leg bone.’
    • ‘Some apes started walking on hind legs, employing their forelimbs as hands for holding and shaping tools.’
    • ‘The same held true when they injected the drug into multiple ganglia that connect to the tail and hind legs.’
    • ‘Tyran reared onto his hind legs in rage, his nostrils flaring and his breathing intense.’
    • ‘Path reared up onto her hind legs, kicking more of the enemy with her iron-like hooves.’
    • ‘The dragon reared up onto its hind legs, his front foot connecting roughly with Fin's chest.’
    • ‘It howled again, then reared back onto its hind two legs.’
    • ‘As the hunters approached the creature, it roared loudly, reared up on its hind legs, then charged the small group.’
    • ‘After the skin was sutured, the outer end of the tube was fixed with surgical tape at the shaved hind leg.’
    • ‘Then the turtle reared on its hind legs and grew five times its original size.’
    • ‘Every hour, it jerkily rears up on its hind legs and waggles its forelegs a bit.’
    • ‘Lacey tried to get close to the Mare, but it reared up on its hind legs, kicking out at her with her forelegs, forcing her back out of the horse's reach.’
    • ‘The unicorn whinnied and reared up onto her hind legs, ‘I'll take it from her Mel.’’
    • ‘She pulled back hard on the reigns, and the horse reared back on its hind legs.’
    • ‘One of the animals filled the screen, rearing up on its hind legs and seemingly staring back at her with dark eyes.’
    • ‘Have you ever been roared at by a man-eater with fangs four inches away from your face, as it reared on its hind legs to lunge six feet tall at you?’
    • ‘This was associated with infection by a flatworm or fluke infection called Ribeiroia, which formed cysts near the hind legs.’
    • ‘Artaxes reared onto his hind legs, and gave a quick kick of his back legs, and Miri could hold him back no longer.’
    • ‘Herodotus rejoins that camels have four thighbones in their hind legs, and that their genitals face backwards.’
    back, rear, hinder, hindmost, posterior
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  • on one's hind legs

    • informal, dated Standing up to make a speech.

      ‘he wasn't afraid to get up on his hind legs at a social gathering and talk’
      • ‘All you wanted was a chance to stand on your hind legs and make a speech.’
      • ‘And then there are times when we have to stand up on our hind legs and put up a glorious fight against all reason.’
      • ‘He was up on his hind legs recently giving an impassioned plea for young people to participate in politics.’
    • informal, dated

      see leg


Middle English: perhaps shortened from Old English behindan (see behind).