Definition of himation in English:



  • An outer garment worn by the ancient Greeks over the left shoulder and under the right.

    • ‘I was still dressed in my peplos and himation but they were soiled.’
    • ‘I dried myself the best I could and was hesitant to wrap myself in the peplos and then the himation and finally the veil.’
    • ‘MacDonald seems to find significance in the use of the Greek himation, but that word is used over 60 times in the NT, and not just in Mark or the Gospels.’
    • ‘He wears a golden himation and bears a plain halo, to the right of which the gold, Greek capital letters ‘XC’ are visible.’
    • ‘I was wrapped thickly in a black himation and I was sick with grief.’
    • ‘She is dressed in nothing more than a chiton, unlike Juno, who wears a himation over hers.’
    • ‘I clutched my himation close to my face as the sea wind blew and pushed the ships away from shore.’
    • ‘Her himation is pulled up over her head, and covers much of her peplos, which is decorated with a dotted lozenge.’
    • ‘Here the goddess wears her high-crested helmet, and a himation replaces her aegis over the peplos.’
    • ‘Her arms were scraped and her himation had torn off and her peplos was tearing.’
    • ‘Leaving Calandra in the hands of Xan, I wrapped a himation around myself and dressed in a peplos.’
    • ‘Her himation slips down; his wings cover her breasts, her body.’
    • ‘Hades was dressed in some sort of long black himation while his wife wore a white chiton.’
    • ‘I pulled on a chiton and wrapped a himation around me since the day was cool.’
    • ‘She was taking off her himation so that she could rewrap it around her head once more.’