Definition of Himalayan in English:



  • Relating to the Himalayas.

    ‘the Himalayan foothills’
    • ‘Technical accuracy and Himalayan filming aren't the only reasons the film has been in the slow cooker.’
    • ‘Goraks are large Himalayan birds that look remarkably like ravens.’
    • ‘He has made 19 Himalayan expeditions, including four to Mount Everest, and made first ascents of peaks in Greenland, Patagonia and Tibet.’
    • ‘Dr.Gupta provided the first geophysical evidence for an enormously thick crust below the Tibet plateau and Himalayan region.’
    • ‘Alpine and Himalayan influences are translated into discrete embroidery and sophisticated patchwork.’
    • ‘Hardie, a civil engineer by profession, has 11 Himalayan visits and has also been to Antarctica.’
    • ‘Vantage points around Nainital offer a panoramic view of Himalayan peaks on one side and the plains rolling down on the other.’
    • ‘Yet the scenery is of Andean or even Himalayan grandeur.’
    • ‘This is the most easterly of the 26,000 ft-plus Himalayan range, and until 1852 was assumed to be the highest mountain in the world.’
    • ‘As you travel to the Himalayan foothills and ascend further, every corner has a surprise.’
    • ‘Mr Stillman was arrested two years ago in the Himalayan foothills.’
    • ‘He has been in prison in Simla, in the Himalayan foothills, for the past year.’
    • ‘Her Radio 4 has tended to be rolling foothills rather than Himalayan peaks.’
    • ‘The river continues its drop through the Himalayan foothills.’
    • ‘He is no longer the hermit of Andretta, the village in the Himalayan foothills to which he has often retreated, to reflect, write and paint.’
    • ‘Collecting all his experiences gained from those heady Himalayan treks, Dhami offers intense sessions.’
    • ‘And there could be no better hunting ground than the majestic, and serene Himalayan ranges for these shutterbugs.’
    • ‘Nestling in the Himalayan foothills is a magic garden in which the cast-offs of modern living take on an enchanted new life.’
    • ‘In the high altitude cold, such ‘voltage’ laden food is both appetising and energising, as is Himalayan butter tea.’
    • ‘It's refreshing to be able to recommend this Himalayan gem without having to add: ‘See it while you can.’’


North American
  • A cat of a long-haired breed having blue eyes and a pale coat with dark points, developed by crossing Persian and Siamese cats; a colourpoint.

    • ‘Of that total, 62 percent were ‘Persians,’ a designation that includes Himalayans and colorpoint carriers.’
    • ‘I wasn't surprised to hear that Bro, my amicable 11-year-old Himalayan, took it all in stride.’
    • ‘We had two Himalayans and the only way to keep them from getting matted was to bathe them.’
    • ‘Terrell had sent two Himalayans to Russia - a male and a pregnant female - in return for the Siberian kittens.’
    • ‘They were absolutely adorable, little Himalayans and Siamese.’