Definition of Him (or the man) upstairs in English:

Him (or the man) upstairs


  • A humorous name for God.

    ‘I bowed my head and thanked Him upstairs for my family’
    • ‘I've always had a great deal of faith in the man upstairs.’
    • ‘I asked her what she personally got out of fundraising, and she replied, ‘I just like to do my bit, that's all, and keep the man upstairs happy.’’
    • ‘I'd be interested to hear what the man upstairs would really have to say about the latest release from this rock ‘n roll gang of hooligans.’
    • ‘While I respect Mr Wyatt's faith, which has no doubt given him both strength and succour through this ordeal, I can't help wondering quite what the man upstairs might have been up to in wishing to prolong Charlotte's pain and suffering.’
    • ‘I suddenly thanked the man upstairs for creating them, among other things.’
    • ‘Apparently the man upstairs had different plans for Lily though, because Susan called just after ten.’
    • ‘The poor family are inconsolable and I pray they get some sort of help from the man upstairs, presuming there is one.’
    • ‘A committed Christian, he said he believed in miracles: ‘If the man upstairs says this person should live, then this person should live.’’
    • ‘The way I look at it, the man upstairs is keeping me around for something.’
    • ‘The most intriguing aspect of all though, is the relationship between this character and the man upstairs.’
    god, lord, lord god, deity
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