Definition of hilltop in English:



  • The summit of a hill.

    • ‘This may explain, in part, why this is occurring on many hillsides or hilltops.’
    • ‘No sooner had he done this than it was decided to move the Academy from the damp riverside to the hilltop.’
    • ‘No one-off houses scar the hilltops and valleys.’
    • ‘They occur in many different situations in the landscape including river valleys and hilltops.’
    • ‘From a hilltop, Bill Adams points to the next ridge, which is now heavily wooded.’
    • ‘Willow will be planted to shore up the banks of the River Devon and wetland created to soak up water on neighbouring hilltops.’
    • ‘On Monday they will head off to explore the extensive network of ancient trails and bridleways that cross the valleys and hilltops.’
    • ‘Consequently, hilltops may not be key or decisive terrain because you cannot observe through the canopy.’
    • ‘The hilltops and ridges generally have a mix dominated by oaks, Carya glabra, and Pinus rigida.’
    • ‘Beyond the village, Eastern Shura forces advanced up a narrow, forested valley, while the tanks shelled the hilltops a mile away.’
    • ‘Coastal areas, hilltops, and mountain passes are common areas for wind farms.’
    • ‘Low clouds embraced the hilltops around the valley, tendrils of mist wending down into the frost-rimed trees along the slopes.’
    • ‘First was the development of defended settlements, usually on hilltops or promontories that afforded natural defence.’
    • ‘But it's now believed to come from ‘kan’ or ‘summit’, because the earliest settlers settled on the summits or hilltops.’
    • ‘Kammu houses are built close together in the village, located on a hilltop or halfway up a mountain.’
    • ‘Most were found on hillside slopes although some were located on hilltops or knolls.’
    • ‘Less lime is generally required on bottomland, more on hillsides and the most on hilltops.’
    • ‘As the region was swamped by the new lake and hilltops turned into small islands, top predators like jaguars and harpy eagles fled the area.’
    • ‘Constructed on hilltops with views of major valleys, the pucaras had barracks, houses, reservoirs, and a sun temple.’
    • ‘Sunday dawned grey and forbidding as clouds hung low over Lough Talt, clinging ominously to the hilltops around the lake.’
    top, peak, mountaintop, crest, crown, apex, vertex, apogee, tip, cap
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