Definition of hillside in English:



  • The sloping side of a hill.

    • ‘The ancient huon-clad hillsides rise up steeply on either side as we drop down into the gorge, the river winding below us.’
    • ‘At this point Ron will fly to the south side of the valley to try to get on the windward side of the hillsides.’
    • ‘We drove a mile or so to Shipley Glen, a wooded hillside where a bit of family fairground fun awaited.’
    • ‘Builders and developers converged on unbuilt lands that included marshes and hillsides.’
    • ‘To avoid detection, these rocks were hidden on hillsides and in valleys, so as to allow for a quick escape from the authorities.’
    • ‘While there you can take in its picturesque hillsides and valleys, along with visiting the Mekong Delta.’
    • ‘Several pictures present them in precarious spots on hillsides or in snowy mountain scenes.’
    • ‘Set on a hillside, the Hot Springs is a conventional hotel with the best view in town.’
    • ‘A wooded hillside called Coille Mhialairigh rises above the Gleneig to Arnisdale road.’
    • ‘The Church of Ireland looked magnificent, set as it is on the hillside to the far side of the town.’
    • ‘For the next 15 days, she looked for his body in ravines and morgues, on hillsides and in rivers.’
    • ‘There are trees and it is green on the Dominican side; on the Haitian side the hillsides are brown and bare.’
    • ‘Most lie along deserted hillsides in the uplands, just beyond the margins of modern agriculture.’
    • ‘For example, roads and rivers can look like snakes as they wind across and through valleys and hillsides.’
    • ‘Villages of mud huts dot the hillsides and oases of green amid the barren wilderness provide sanctuary for its denizens.’
    • ‘It's a potentially back-firing gamble just as the hillsides and valleys are scorching with sporting ardour.’
    • ‘He said that although Bradford had a lot of brown-field sites these were restricted by geography such as hillsides and valleys.’
    • ‘Going up the winding hills, we see hillsides green with pines and Douglas firs.’
    • ‘Oblivious of all this, the westering sun bathes the ocean and grassy hillsides in a balmy, golden light.’
    • ‘As the round draws to a close, so the course meanders its way down from the hillside and back to sea level.’
    slope, rise, drop, incline, gradient, elevation, acclivity, declivity, ascent, descent, eminence, hillock, sloping ground, rising ground
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