Definition of Hills hoist in English:

Hills hoist


  • A rotating frame on which wet laundry may be hung outside to dry.

    ‘a typical suburban house with a Holden parked in the garage and a Hills hoist out the back’
    • ‘Australians invented a clothesline that spins called the Hills Hoist so you don't have to move when you hang out the washing.’
    • ‘The sheets on the Hills Hoist painted a picture of normal suburban life, with only the police tape and the grim-faced officer in the backyard a giveaway to the horror that had taken place inside.’
    • ‘Hills has closed a number businesses, while the Hills Hoist clothesline business remains.’
    • ‘Survey respondents nominated Hills Hoist as the country's most iconic brand.’
    • ‘The back door leads out to the large yard, which includes a Hills hoist and a monster olive tree.’
    • ‘We were born into a backyard that had a Hills Hoist at the centre of it.’
    • ‘The organisers believe it's time for the humble wine cask to take its place alongside Holden, meat pies and the Hills Hoist as an Australian classic.’
    • ‘The new boat is poised to rank alongside the Hills Hoist and the Victor mower as iconic Aussie inventions.’
    • ‘Sprawling estates could still be permitted at the city's edge, for those who maintain that children cannot be raised without a palatial rumpus room and a hills hoist.’
    • ‘Most Australian backyards have one but the company behind the iconic Hills Hoist will no longer make and sell the clotheslines that made it famous.’


1940s: a trademark.


Hills hoist

/ˈhɪlz hɔɪst/