Definition of hill fort in English:

hill fort


  • A fort built on a hill, in particular an area on a hilltop enclosed by a system of defensive banks and ditches, as used by Iron Age peoples in north-western Europe.

    • ‘Long before its construction an Iron Age hill fort of the 6th century B.C. occupied the site, its double ditch can still be seen on the west of the castle.’
    • ‘The Wrekin is an important and well known small hill in Shropshire with the remains of an Iron Age hill fort at its summit.’
    • ‘It is located on the site of an Iron Age hill fort discovered in 1995, excavated and studied by the local archaeological trust.’
    • ‘During this time they visited a local market in Pisac in the Urabamba Valley and also Sacsayhuaman, an Inca hill fort above Cusco.’
    • ‘The other photo is of Barbary Castle, the ancient hill fort just south of Wroughton, and was taken in 1948.’
    • ‘He is trying to make himself return to the hill fort, to stand four square with his brothers against the Romans.’
    • ‘The site, on the western edge of Salisbury Plain, near Warminster, is one of the best preserved and most significant Iron Age hill forts in Wiltshire.’
    • ‘The name Dumyat is thought to mean hill fort of the Maeatae.’
    • ‘Amongst the hill forts are Emain Macha, Ráth na Ríogh at Tara, Grianán Ailigh in Donegal, and Dún Aonghusa on Aranmore.’
    • ‘On the way from Delhi to Jaipur are the hill forts of Jaigarh and Nahargarh that look down on the city.’
    • ‘This area is also rich in ancient hill forts, Danebury and Woolbury ring Forts being close by.’
    • ‘Across Britain and Ireland there are thousands of Iron Age barrows and burial mounds, and hundreds of Iron Age hill forts.’
    • ‘The archaeological interest is provided by the remains of an ancient hill fort called Dun da Lamh - the fort of two hands.’
    • ‘The new stone circle has 108 stones, eight of which are very large, arranged in two circles and built near the site of an Iron Age hill fort.’
    • ‘Crowned with the ruins of a Bronze Age hill fort and a mobile-phone mast, The Wrekin is the subject of much local mythology.’
    • ‘The main focal points in the park are the Iron Age hill fort, which covers around 12 acres.’
    • ‘Battlesbury Camp, on the western edge of Salisbury Plain is one of the best preserved and most significant of the 50 Iron Age hill forts in the county.’
    • ‘Archaeologists have identified one of Britain's largest prehistoric hill forts in the North Yorkshire Moors.’
    • ‘Two years later his ashes were brought back and laid to rest in a huge ceremony at the hill fort of Okoki on 8 August 1954.’