Definition of hiker in English:



  • 1A person who walks for long distances, especially across country.

    ‘an experienced hiker in the Himalayas’
    ‘trails for hikers of every level’
    • ‘Scotland's mountainous terrain has long attracted avid hikers, cyclists, and wildlife watchers.’
    • ‘The trip began with a practice hike intended to teach inexperienced hikers how to maneuver with heavy packs on their backs.’
    • ‘Portland is filled with parks and scenic spots with waterfalls, grand mountains, and deep canyons: it's a hiker's paradise.’
    • ‘Many trails are open to hikers.’
    • ‘No driver should think of trying it without taking the kind of gear experienced hikers would pack for a longish trip into the mountains.’
    • ‘Divers and hikers have discovered the island and arrive in groups during the summer.’
    • ‘Small wonder this town is a fabulous destination for hikers, mountain bikers, cyclists, and horseback riders, since it was incorporated largely by conservation-minded locals.’
    • ‘The refuge's seven mountain ranges are a prized destination for wilderness hikers.’
    • ‘I did get frustrated with my fellow hikers at times.’
    • ‘Once the ski season is over, Andorra's mountains are still frequented by hikers, mountaineers, and rock climbers.’
  • 2A person or group that sharply increases something, especially a price.

    ‘he was a hiker of taxes’
    ‘price hikers’
    • ‘In the biggest tax hiker, taxes paid by businesses rose 20 percent.’
    • ‘The email includes several attachments, including a list of "targeted debt hikers" who voted for previous debt increases.’
    • ‘Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers.’
    • ‘Sending a message out to price hikers, the majority of stores were empty after consumer protection groups called on the public to abstain from spending a single euro.’
    • ‘This hotel is the among the biggest rate hikers according to the survey.’
    • ‘The last thing any of them wishes to be called is a tax hiker.’
    • ‘She said he was a tax hiker and deficit builder as mayor, which he denied.’
    • ‘Once a predictable hiker of dividends, the company hasn't increased the payout since 2010.’