Definition of hijacker in English:



  • 1A person who illegally seizes an aircraft, ship, or vehicle while in transit and forces it to go to a different destination or uses it for their own purposes.

    ‘negotiators began talks with the hijackers of the plane’
    • ‘Armed marshals will be deployed on flights in the next few months to thwart would-be hijackers.’
    • ‘It would have been entirely permissible to arrest the hijackers of the four aircraft used as weapons.’
    • ‘Their ensuing attempt to overpower their hijackers resulted in the plane crashing into a field.’
    • ‘The plane was diverted to London and the hijackers arrested.’
    • ‘The whereabouts of the five hijackers of an airliner are unknown.’
    • ‘The plane landed in Germany, the hijacker was arrested, and served a prison sentence.’
    • ‘Lastly, guns are more useful as a deterrent than as a tool to subdue hijackers.’
    • ‘Hijackers take over the boat, but for no apparent purpose.’
    • ‘It appears from what we know that the hijackers were skilled pilots.’
    • ‘The six hijackers of the plane were detained, prosecuted, convicted, and jailed.’
    1. 1.1 A person who steals goods by seizing them in transit.
      ‘a hijacker of arms shipments’
      • ‘Hijackers became so bold that they once stole 1,500 quarts of impounded liquor from the St. Bernard Parish jail.’
      • ‘He got a taste of being the victim when hijackers stole a shipment of whiskey intended for him.’
      • ‘The plot was something about a gang of hijackers who stole truckloads of computer terminals while the truck driver was in a roadside cafe wolfing down dinner.’
      • ‘Pirates fought over spoils at sea, and hijackers stole from each other on land.’
      • ‘Young bands of hijackers, who stole and counter-stole, went back to work or to loafing around the wharves.’
    2. 1.2 A person who takes over an organization or activity and uses it for a different purpose.
      ‘these activists are the real hijackers of the revolution’
      ‘the hijackers of this government ignore all but their own agenda’
      • ‘No corporation is safe from the dark satire of this billboard hijacker, who has donned New York City with obese fast food mascots, cigarette mascots in coffins, and slogans such as "Support Our CEOs."’
      • ‘He is the world's most prolific television hijacker having disrupted around 20,000 live link-ups, according to the Guinness Book of Records.’
      • ‘They were more accurately the hijackers of art and aesthetics from the people and from everyday living.’
      • ‘Fifty apartment blocks have been seized by "building hijackers" who muscle in, using intimidation and brute force to divert rental income into their own pockets.’
      • ‘Serial identity hijackers are operating across Bedfordshire.’