Definition of highly strung in English:

highly strung


  • Very nervous and easily upset.

    ‘highly strung horses’
    North American term high-strung
    • ‘His highly strung equine patients accept his ministrations with untypical docility and rarely lash out.’
    • ‘They all seem far too highly strung to be spies.’
    • ‘Like Paula, he is highly strung and not always the calming influence that his wife needs to steady her ship from time to time.’
    • ‘Francesca Arena plays the highly strung pop diva with verve.’
    • ‘Sam can be hysterical and highly strung, as well as soft-hearted and sweet.’
    • ‘‘I wanted the character to be someone who had a real capacity to be a loving and supportive person but was also a little tightly wound and highly strung,’ says Lonergan.’
    • ‘He is a highly strung, frequently petulant man.’
    • ‘Nora Ross plays Alice's highly strung daughter Barbara, who arrives for the birthday celebrations with her henpecked husband Cormac in tow.’
    • ‘Lily was too skinny, and she was highly strung, and too interested in what other people thought of her.’
    • ‘Angelo is a late twentysomething drifter, living with his highly strung Italian immigrant family in Montreal.’
    • ‘This is a calm sport, which means there is no room for highly strung or excitable people.’
    • ‘I can't work for someone so highly strung and hot-tempered’.’
    • ‘And as you can imagine, the more highly strung a horse is, the harder it is to get them to stay still and jump over large obstacles without knocking them down.’
    • ‘To say he's highly strung is an understatement.’
    • ‘They're also having to give her sleeping pills and all the rest of it, because Kimberly is very highly strung.’
    • ‘Dick's parents split and he was brought up by his highly strung mother, who got him hooked on his most permanent and incurable addiction - Jungian therapy.’
    • ‘Highly intelligent individuals tend to be over-sensitive to the pin-pricks of the world, and often highly strung as well.’
    • ‘I'm highly strung, I can't sleep because of the stress and it's generally having a huge negative influence on me as a person.’
    • ‘She is highly strung, manic, and surprisingly inarticulate for a university graduate.’
    • ‘From a Wiltshire gentry family at Wolf Hall, which the king visited in September 1535, she was said to be quiet and amiable, while Anne was growing more highly strung and imperious.’
    nervous, excitable, temperamental, sensitive, unstable, brittle, easily upset, easily agitated, on edge, edgy, jumpy, keyed up, irritable, fidgety, restive, restless, anxious, overanxious, tense, taut, stressed, overwrought, neurotic
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highly strung

/ˌhʌɪlɪ ˈstrʌŋ/