Definition of highly sexed in English:

highly sexed


  • Having strong sexual urges.

    ‘we were quite a highly sexed lot in the Sixties’
    • ‘They were talking about a woman who was bragging about how highly sexed she is.’
    • ‘The actress described him as "the most highly sexed individual I have ever met."’
    • ‘She finds it easy to get men, as they are fascinated by the highly sexed life she leads.’
    • ‘These books are written for highly intelligent, highly sexed adults.’
    • ‘He was a highly sexed man, practically to his death.’
    • ‘These heroines I'm talking about—they're all highly sexed and very susceptible.’
    • ‘I got myself into a bit of a mess because I made my children's writer highly sexed, and I think most of them are not.’
    • ‘Capricorn is one of the least highly sexed signs.’
    • ‘She is highly sexed, perhaps even a nymphomaniac, which would explain her more manic displays and lack of self-control at certain points.’
    • ‘A sexual relationship with a long-term partner can go through ups and downs, especially if one person is more highly sexed than the other.’