Definition of highly placed in English:

highly placed


  • Holding a position of great power, influence, or status.

    ‘highly placed sources said the prime minister faced stiff opposition at the meeting’
    • ‘He may be arrogant about his learning, his wealth, or the support he gets from highly placed persons.’
    • ‘Any alleged link between organized crime, money laundering, drugs, and highly placed staff in the provincial government demands all hands on deck.’
    • ‘No wonder the highly placed figures around that table felt we needed a long, tough look at our constitutional arrangements.’
    • ‘This was a long-standing fraud committed by a man who was highly placed in both organizations.’
    • ‘This was confirmed by a highly placed banking source at the beginning of February 2002.’
    • ‘The names of highly placed prominent individuals are associated with the movement.’
    • ‘His association with the police later led to rumours that the assassination had been arranged with the complicity of highly placed officials.’
    • ‘In the picture, his face carried the detached confidence of the highly placed functionary.’
    • ‘One highly placed insider says the current thinking is that the new top exec needs more experience working with all the divisions before he ultimately takes over.’
    • ‘He started illegally to import everything from cars and gasoline to electronics and cigarettes on behalf of his highly placed friends.’