Definition of highly paid in English:

highly paid


  • Earning or providing a high rate of pay.

    ‘highly paid jobs in consulting and merchant banking’
    • ‘They are huge, highly paid men who work like men possessed, always under the eye of the boss.’
    • ‘Depending on which highly paid economist you ask, you will get a different answer.’
    • ‘Once highly paid, American computer programmers are finding their jobs easily transferred to low-wage programmers overseas.’
    • ‘Its stars were by then highly paid professionals, touring the English-speaking world.’
    • ‘Across Europe, women are badly under-represented in highly paid roles.’
    • ‘The manufacturer has far too many highly paid workers at its German plants.’
    • ‘Unlike others, index funds are not actively run by highly paid managers.’
    • ‘CFOs (usually highly paid males) are growing increasingly sceptical, say executive recruiters.’
    • ‘Many of Wall Street's highly paid analysts are cheering them on.’
    • ‘The university relies on highly paid foreign professors.’