Definition of higher-ranking in English:



  • Having a higher rank or position in a particular hierarchy.

    ‘higher-ranking police officers’
    • ‘In China, and across much of Asia, people typically do not share challenging ideas with co-workers, certainly not with higher-ranking colleagues.’
    • ‘Our third place report score was enough to land us in seventh place behind the four teams completing the course and the two higher-ranking report scores.’
    • ‘One researcher summarizes that older workers perform as well or better than younger workers and have higher-ranking interpersonal skills.’
    • ‘Other scheduled flights around the country were unaffected because the union allowed higher-ranking senior pilots to replace their striking colleagues.’
    • ‘Another suggests that higher-ranking animals preferentially direct unprovoked aggression - a sign of dominance - toward the offspring of lower-ranking females.’
    • ‘She is currently one of the higher-ranking members of her sorority and doesn't want her geeky younger brother ruining her image.’
    • ‘Despite losses against higher-ranking clubs, Silsden have not lost last season's knack of scoring goals.’
    • ‘His father was the one who coerced him to discontinue, by using his power to get the higher-ranking officials to throw him out.’
    • ‘The issue was bucked upstairs to a higher-ranking commander.’
    • ‘Since elephants have a clear hierarchy, Savage wanted to see if subordinates got nervous around higher-ranking members, much like some humans do.’