Definition of high wire in English:

high wire


  • 1A high tightrope.

    • ‘‘I'm sure we will occasionally make a mistake,’ he says, ‘but if you've got a good safety net, you can do somersaults on the high wire.’’
    • ‘Three tubes branch from a cantilevered I-beam like an acrobat on a high wire to support the roof at the west corner.’
    • ‘We actually sell a 40 denier nylon tricot fabric that we sell the Las Vegas high wire acts for use as a visual fabric.’
    • ‘There are no second chances when walking the high wire, playing Russian roulette or competing in the Heineken Cup.’
    • ‘If we're talking fun, I want to see dancing zebras and high wire acts.’
    • ‘The girls look down from the high wire riding bicycles across the taut cable toward each other.’
    • ‘He watches with benign cynicism as Charles walks the high wire.’
    • ‘When he looked down from the high wire, the safety net had gone.’
    • ‘Ahern is the country's best-known high wire act.’
    • ‘A look of doubt appears in his eyes and he is like a man on a high wire who looks down and takes fright and begins to wobble.’
    • ‘This is not a momentary wobble: at this point the acrobat has slipped off the high wire altogether and brought the show to a tragic halt.’
    • ‘Loretta Bailey, especially, who tackles Maria with a flighty charm, is performing on a very high wire.’
    • ‘I think Blondin, your man who walked across Niagara Falls on a high wire 145 years ago, would have been proud of me.’
    • ‘She just stood there, her arms out at near shoulder level, like she was balancing on a high wire, her breath all sucked in.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, artistic director Rigot could not appear in his usual role of high wire artist because of an injury.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting an activity requiring great skill or judgement.
      ‘the high-wire act performed daily by many mental health workers’
      • ‘Doing so he evinces the sort of suave, unflappable attitude that comes in handy when you are strolling along a high wire without a net.’
      • ‘Anyway, no more high wire acrobatics for me for awhile.’
      • ‘For a film that starts out slowly, Red Lights spends the better part of its final hour generating more tension than a high wire act without a net.’
      • ‘I did other things that seemed like challenges for me because I like being on the high wire.’
      • ‘Both were nutshells on a high wire, not getting anywhere but in the way.’
      • ‘Walking the high wire between these two disciplines is what makes Jahn's latest work harder to classify, but more powerful.’
      • ‘America's reliance on foreign capital is a balancing act on a very high wire.’
      • ‘But it is now a very high wire act and will involve not inconsiderable expense for shareholders.’
      • ‘Federal assistance provides no safety net either, as parents walk the higher education financial high wire.’
      • ‘‘I'm walking a high wire,’ confesses Brandt, when we pressed him about the consequences for fair use.’
      • ‘He has tremendous personal charisma and he performed a high wire political act that was irresistible to the media.’
      • ‘The Prime Minister has just fallen off the high wire.’
      • ‘But far from being ‘thoroughly entwined’, as one journalist had described them, it's clear almost from the outset their relationship was a high wire act.’
      • ‘‘America's reliance on foreign capital,’ he writes, ‘is a balancing act on a very high wire.’’
      • ‘Issuing an originating process one day before the expiry of a limitation period is a risky high wire act.’
      • ‘We've been impressive while walking the high wire.’
      • ‘There's too much weight on the dark side of the scales and my mind is performing an insane juggling act on a high wire with no net beneath me.’
      • ‘With protocols you tend to be drawn into all-or-nothing high wire acts of perfect adherence in at least some aspects of your design.’
      • ‘And as this troupe climbs the high wire of fame it aims to keep the hometown crowd happy.’
      • ‘It's like working on the high wire without a net, or a leap in the dark - with a pair of scissors… and a can of gasoline.’


high wire