Definition of high road in English:

high road


  • 1A main road.

    [in place names] ‘Kilburn High Road’
    • ‘Because of the disparate nature of the electorate, candidates must take to the high roads and by-roads and visit councillors individually to solicit their votes.’
    • ‘Around 40 minutes after she was grabbed a man in his 50s was arrested in Tottenham High Road on suspicion of abducting her.’
    • ‘Lamps will be installed on the high road to cast light on the road and pavement.’
    • ‘Lambeth Council has been working hard to improve street sweeping and has installed more litter bins along the high road.’
    • ‘It was a very dark night, and a thin rain began to fall as we turned from the high road into a narrow lane, deeply rutted, with hedges on either side.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way
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    1. 1.1A direct or certain route or course.
      ‘the high road to social justice’
      • ‘Take away those rights and ‘freedom of expression’ becomes an empty phrase and we are on the high road to totalitarianism.’
      • ‘Virtually all schools of Buddhism see meditation as the high road to enlightenment, and it constitutes a major part of the ‘experiential’ dimension of Buddhism as a religion.’
      • ‘It is time to take the high road to a more equal Britain - and a more equal world.’
      • ‘Here, following the banner of reform, led by the gentlemen of that most aristocratic Whig Government, they saw for a time before them the high road to a better and fairer ordering of society.’
      • ‘Learning to accept the flaws in themselves and others is not the pathway to mediocrity; it's the high road to a more loving - and satisfying - life.’
    2. 1.2North American A morally superior approach towards something.
      ‘the company took the high road, announcing it would extend the benefits to all its workers’
      • ‘What is the best way to speak up for myself while still taking the high road?’
      • ‘We'll take the high road and assume it's a misunderstanding.’
      • ‘Mr. Ward took the high road by acknowledging his error and proceeded with the organization's agenda.’
      • ‘He's still coarse and unsympathetic but when he starts taking the moral high road, the film goes downhill.’
      • ‘She always took the high road and never compromised her integrity.’
      • ‘These Silicon Valley leaders are taking the ethical high road - and betting that it's the road to success.’
      • ‘But while both candidates took the high road yesterday, it seemed evident the tape would have an impact on the presidential race.’
      • ‘I am done with taking the high road and turning the other cheek.’
      • ‘Now, it certainly could be that Kerry is cynically pretending to take the high road, while letting the national press do his dirty work for him.’
      • ‘How about taking the high road of pro-active, peaceful personal change, instead of trying to point the finger at others?’
      • ‘But in the absence of any evidence, he took the high road and conceded the race.’
      • ‘Are negative campaigns more likely to win than campaigns that take the high road and avoid attacking the opponent?’
      • ‘They took the high road and ended up with a great level of support.’
      • ‘In foreign policy, its hard to claim the moral high road when you're stumbling down the low road arm-in-arm with repressive dictators.’
      • ‘Because really, I've taken the high road through a lot of moments, where I could have, you know, retaliated.’
      • ‘The way to beat the animal rights movement is to take the high road and avoid engaging in such ridiculous tactics.’
      • ‘Then, we will review a few suggestions to make taking the high road more acceptable in your own company.’
      • ‘Instead of just saying, ‘Me,’ he takes the high road and says, ‘We're about the same.’’
      • ‘Abercrombie chose to take the high road, eschewing promotions to preserve the brand's exclusivity and lofty margins - the highest of any teen retailer.’
      • ‘I thought that in light of his juvenile hysterics, I was taking the high road by simply leaving him in silence, never to speak to him again, but now I have an overwhelming urge to tell him what I really think of him.’


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