Definition of high pressure in English:

high pressure


  • [mass noun] A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average (e.g. in an anticyclone).

    • ‘Following the snow that had been falling, a high-pressure front moved into the area from the Atlantic on December the 18th.’
    • ‘With the high-pressure system's withdrawal from mid-May, rainfall is to be expected.’
    • ‘The scientists who discovered the collision likened it to two high-pressure weather fronts colliding to create hurricane-like conditions.’
    • ‘Changing atmospheric pressure may cause some joint aches, but once a high-pressure system arrives it can lower humidity and reduce these aches.’
    • ‘That number reflects the difference in atmospheric pressure between a long-lived low-pressure area south of Iceland and a high-pressure area off the northwestern coast of Africa.’
    • ‘The rotating air mass creates a high-pressure system throughout the region.’
    • ‘It was near the end of the day and the high-pressure altitudes were preventing the CAP aircraft from reaching the primary search area so the CAP was preparing to call off the effort.’
    • ‘In fact, the very biggest dabs are often found inshore during periods when sprat shoals are tight to shore during flat calm seas in the middle of high-pressure weather systems.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, a high-pressure system moving down from the north collided with the hurricane just as it reached inhabited territory.’
    • ‘It had been late August, the end of an uncharacteristically long period of high-pressure weather, and the sky was high and clear.’
    • ‘As a result, regions to the east of a high-pressure center often have northerly winds bringing in relatively cold air while regions to the west have southerly winds bringing in relatively warm air.’
    • ‘It rotates counterclockwise every six days, and this direction, plus its location in the southern hemisphere, indicates that it is a high-pressure zone.’
    • ‘For example, the interpretation of numeric weather data requires the identification of higher-level concepts, such as high-pressure systems and cold fronts.’
    • ‘The stress of yet another late paper bore down on me like the high-pressure system that brought Philadelphia the sudden change in weather.’
    • ‘Even though it's south (and looking south I can see a build-up of dark clouds now at dusk), the high-pressure air from our north is rushing towards the storm's low-pressure system.’
    • ‘Britain basked last month because of a high-pressure weather system that arrived and stayed for more than two weeks.’
    • ‘Mr. Marschall states that a high-pressure system from the north caused the hurricane to stall.’
    • ‘Southward migration is heaviest west of a cold front and east of a high-pressure center.’


  • 1Using or containing a gas or liquid subject to great pressure.

    ‘high-pressure water jets’
    • ‘Food will stay fresh for longer without losing its taste, thanks to high-pressure sterilisation.’
    • ‘The cannula then was connected to a suction vacuum, and the fat was suctioned out of the area using high pressure suction.’
    • ‘Sandblast cleaning is usually acceptable, as is high pressure water cleaning with approved cleaning compounds.’
    • ‘A. I'm still convinced the high-pressure solutions are the most credible for at least the first 10 years of the hydrogen economy.’
    • ‘High pressure pulses move the pistons to generate strong mechanical vibration in the drill string.’
    • ‘During initial acceleration, the high-pressure fluid is released.’
    • ‘Higher pressures force solvent into the protein matrix, resulting in unfolding through a molten globule state.’
    • ‘His alternative involved the link road moving much further away, but concerns were raised about the proximity of a high pressure gas main.’
    • ‘Volkswagen uses unit injectors, in which a pump is attached to each injector, resulting in higher pressures.’
    • ‘It can only obtain a liquid state under very high pressure in a containment vessel.’
    • ‘The contents of sucrose, glucose and fructose in peel tissue were measured using high-pressure liquid chromatography.’
    • ‘It was difficult to access and we had to fight our way in using high-pressure hoses.’
    • ‘The missile is ejected from the submarine by high-pressure gas.’
    • ‘Shooters can fill the compressed air tank from either a standard scuba tank or from a high-pressure hand pump.’
    • ‘Parish councillors, including Neil Metcalfe, are worried because the site is crossed by a 42 in high pressure gas main.’
    • ‘Her extraction method separates casein from milk with high-pressure carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘He had free rein to arrange the gas supply and the high-pressure converters and to select new catalysts.’
    • ‘Requiring only high pressure cleaning, the roof is then coated with a special fungicidal compound.’
    • ‘However, the most accessible of the technologies displayed by the prototype is its high-pressure Unit Injector System (UIS) by Bosch.’
    • ‘The engines are comparable, they are all using high-pressure common rail, they are typically all using pilot injection.’
  • 2Involving a high degree of persuasion.

    ‘high-pressure sales techniques’
    • ‘Boiler room operators are very experienced in high-pressure selling techniques.’
    • ‘Against this backdrop, Cincinnati voters distinguished themselves by keeping their cool in the face of a high-pressure campaign to sell the road.’
    • ‘On the record, he stated that the "application of high pressure is the best way to manipulate Japan."’
    • ‘There are a lot of high-pressure salespeople about.’
    • ‘The church is vilified by former members and UM administrators for using high-pressure tactics to get members and keep them involved in the church.’
    • ‘Doorstep crime includes all aspects of consumer detriment and crime including bogus workmen, high-pressure sales people, bogus officials, and distraction burglary.’
    • ‘Thanks to high-pressure selling, seven out of ten loans are sold with PPI, which is hugely overpriced.’
    1. 2.1Involving a great deal of anxiety or stress.
      ‘a high-pressure job’
      • ‘Brendan Barber, the TUC General Secretary, who has been chairing talks, announced that further negotiations will be needed next week to resolve what he called a " high-pressure dispute ".’
      • ‘Due to the high pressure of my project, it seems not feasible to do it soon.’
      • ‘You know, I was under very high pressure since the demo cannot fail.’
      • ‘Advances in our understanding of high-pressure behavior of biopolymers are closely linked to the design of equipment that extends existing experimental techniques to high-pressure research.’
      • ‘The high-pressure sales tactics the men used in Manchester were astonishingly successful.’
      • ‘They found that people working under high pressure to meet deadlines were six times more likely to suffer a heart attack within the next 24 hours.’
      • ‘When emotions run hot or when circumstances are high pressure and there is ego, fear or frustrations boiling over, people often act physically if words fail them.’
      • ‘I will never forget the safety lessons I learned that night, or the courage the mission commander displayed in being the voice of reason in an extraordinarily high pressure situation.’
      • ‘Stress is something which affects only those who have high-pressure lives.’
      • ‘Mr. Corzine is hardly a stranger to high-pressure situations.’
      • ‘Admission to a long-term-care facility from a hospital is an important marker for higher pressure ulcer risk.’
      • ‘At a time when India's experienced players are reluctant to take up this high-pressure job, Kumble's sentiment is admirable.’
      • ‘We're a high pressure team, and are at our best when we put pressure on the ball and hunt in packs.’
      • ‘Sure, like youive never been in a high-visibility, high-pressure situation and wound up doing something sub-optimal.’
      • ‘He also has a good temperament and sense of humor, which help in such a high-pressure role.’
      • ‘Have undergone aviation style tests to ensure they won't explode under high pressure.’
      • ‘Human beings have a built-in response system to high-pressure situations.’
      • ‘He points out that it becomes very difficult for players to focus on high pressure tournament like the World Cup for too long.’
      • ‘In the criminal mode, his office assists officers in solving crimes and responds to high-pressure situations.’
      • ‘Many teams have survived after players faltered in high-pressure payoff situations.’


high pressure

/ˌhʌɪ ˈprɛʃə/