Definition of high point in English:

high point


  • The most enjoyable or significant part of an experience or period of time.

    ‘the English lesson was the high point of the morning’
    • ‘In this report should be your triumphs and tragedies of the past week, the high points and the low points you hit.’
    • ‘Her moral stature, dignity, and strength give the film its high points and lasting flavor.’
    • ‘One of the high points of the festival is of course the Craft Fair.’
    • ‘I liked it, though there were definitely some high points and some that didn't work.’
    • ‘The teacher told me that this period was the high point of each week for her students.’
    • ‘That and talking to Lorri are the high points of my day, the things I look forward to.’
    • ‘Still, it definitely had its high points, and I'm glad I read it, I just wish it had been half as long.’
    • ‘There were high points though, we got great views of the sea lions and a good close up view of the jaguar and a short glimpse of the black panther.’
    • ‘It's a beautifully evocative piece and it is one of the high points of the book.’
    • ‘Though the film has its slower moments, the high points make it utterly unmissable.’
    • ‘The Community Games is one of the high points of the year and your support is requested.’
    • ‘The scenes between the little girl and her teacher are the high points of the movie.’
    • ‘Whatever you might read, these paintings hardly represent a high point in his career.’
    • ‘The series has certainly had its high points as well as its lows.’
    • ‘Even by the end of a long evening, this was recalled as being one of the high points.’
    • ‘In sum, the high points of this album are as good or better than any other music released this year.’
    • ‘‘It was one of the high points of my career, receiving the award for my services to jazz,’ he said.’
    • ‘Built by Earl Gilbert de Clare, the castle represents a high point of medieval architecture.’
    • ‘Ask him about the high points in his career as a civil servant, and he will first try to evade answering that question.’
    • ‘The high points of the evening come in the form of the two arguably standout tracks from Shine A Light.’
    high level, record level, peak, record, high water mark
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high point