Definition of high noon in English:

high noon


  • 1Midday.

    ‘the glaring light of high noon’
    • ‘Think of the bird chatter at sunrise, of the stillness at high noon.’
    • ‘A citizens' posse was formed to arrest the mayor at his City Hall office at high noon August 16.’
    • ‘By high noon, her skin was gray, her lips parched, and her head throbbing.’
    • ‘Jack woke up to the light of high noon streaming into the cave.’
    • ‘Scooby is a four-year-old jack donkey who brays if not prays when the Angelus Bells toll at high noon and six o'clock.’
    midday, twelve noon, twelve midday, twelve o'clock, noontime, noontide, noonday, twelve hundred, twelve hundred hours, one-two-double-o
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  • 2An event or confrontation which is likely to decide the final outcome of a situation.

    ‘the high noon of the peace process’
    • ‘Is it finally high noon for one of Turkey's most powerful business dynasties?’
    • ‘Yesterday really was a high noon for the Lanarkshire club.’
    • ‘The high noon of the Raj in the nineteenth century has been well documented but it is of more than passing interest to see how little some things have changed in the past half century.’
    conflict, clash, brush, fight, battle, contest, encounter, head-to-head, face-off, engagement, tangle, skirmish, collision, meeting, duel, incident
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high noon