Definition of high forest in English:

high forest


mass noun
  • 1Forest consisting of tall trees.

    • ‘Hans Paasche, a German officer, came across a canoe being constructed some ten kilometers south of the Rufiji River in the high forest of the Kichi hills.’
    • ‘Covering her face with her hands, she prayed with all the force of her spirit, giving thanks for her safe arrival in the high forest.’
    • ‘There was not much life in the high forest, and Telli had found nothing to eat by sundown, so was forced to pass a cold and hungry night that night, not daring to light a fire now that he was aware of the presence of large and hungry bears.’
    1. 1.1Forestry Forest raised wholly or mainly from seed, especially as opposed to pollarded or coppiced forest.
      • ‘Mr J. V. Crossland, district officer, and Mr D. Morley, forester in charge of this forest, led the way to Scale Green, a coppice wood which is now being converted to uneven age mixed high forest.’
      • ‘The oldest artificial cedar forests in France expanded through natural regeneration under more or less intensive silvaculture, leading to significant changes in the ecosystem: from poor forest or overgrazed open field to high forest.’