Definition of high five in English:

high five


North American
  • A gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other's palms with their arms raised.

    • ‘As she got closer, she saw some people giving each other high fives, which showed that they made it.’
    • ‘At the final whistle the Brazilian team gave each other self-satisfied high fives, which hardly seemed justified considering their performance.’
    • ‘Kevin cheered and the two gave each other a high five.’
    • ‘Luke walked over to his friends and smiled when they slapped him high fives.’
    • ‘The offenders are no longer laughing and slapping each other high fives.’
    • ‘We came in the room slapping high fives and jumping around.’
    • ‘To see complete strangers embrace each other, to have the streets lined with delirious fans, giving high fives all around - it was something incredible.’
    • ‘His friend slapped him a high five as they both grinned.’
    • ‘In the East End, through which at least half of the marathon is run, children gathered by the sides of the streets, handing out sweets, water, oranges and giving jubilant high fives.’
    • ‘Through the midst of the congratulatory handshakes and high fives, he makes his way to where his companions are sitting.’
    • ‘I agreed wholeheartedly, raising my hand for a high five, but Andy left me hanging.’
    • ‘Everyone laughed, and Elizabeth slapped Isabel a high five.’
    • ‘Along the walls, the young men mill about, giving each other high fives and, in general, doing their utmost to look tough and cool.’
    • ‘Eddie congratulated me, raising his hand up for the high five.’
    • ‘As the survivors were escorted to the ambulance, we gave each other high fives in celebration of our first rescue.’
    • ‘Jasmine, who is a bit more affectionate with her father, turns to Kenyatta and slaps him a high five before walking out the house.’
    • ‘It is not inconceivable that multitudes of IRS Agents were watching the show, giving each other high fives at the outcome, because, well, no matter who won, so did the IRS.’
    • ‘The two of them slapped high fives and moved on to the next hole.’
    • ‘I had this gigantic adrenaline rush even as we all went offstage, the guys slapping me high fives and congratulating me.’
    • ‘The men who'd bet on Raider winning were slapping high fives and opening up yet another case of beer.’


[with object]North American
  • Greet (someone) by slapping the palms of their raised arms with one's own.

    ‘the two officers high-fived each other’
    • ‘Clad in a Hawaiian shirt, Johnson moves around the room, high-fiving one supporter and playfully grabbing the lei of another.’
    • ‘He tried high-fiving Sharon, but she quickly moved away.’
    • ‘His friends high-five him and they run outside.’
    • ‘The owners were greeted by hundreds of fans who lined the streets, along with all the players, who were high-fiving the fans.’
    • ‘I was worried about my father having a coronary because he was high-fiving anyone he could find.’
    • ‘As the autograph-seekers got to Vermeil, I turned for a moment to see former Cardinals head coach Dave McGinnis high-fiving a young boy wearing a blue football jersey.’
    • ‘Woods yelled and began high-fiving Williams, while spectators did the same with strangers next to them.’
    • ‘As I gathered my stuff, I could see him high-fiving a few of his friends.’
    • ‘My fellow soldiers mobbed me, hugging and high-fiving me as they chanted my name again and again.’
    • ‘In the shade of a sycamore grove, bikers sat cross-legged on idled Harleys, heckling the gapers and high-fiving each other.’
    • ‘He was a really good player, so it helps having him high-five me and telling me that I did a good job.’
    • ‘As one, the Greek defenders start high-fiving each other, while the rest of the team roll around on the ground in paroxysms of mirth.’
    • ‘Our drivers weave us in and out of the city traffic, and out into the villages, where kids line the roads, shouting Hello at us and high-fiving us as we scoot past.’
    • ‘We high-fived each other, and, giggling, ordered two more pitchers.’
    • ‘‘Nice job, man,’ his fellow varsity player Josh said, high-fiving him.’
    • ‘But investment bankers aren't high-fiving each other just yet.’
    • ‘I'll be relieved, but I won't be high-fiving anyone.’
    • ‘When it was over the guards high-fived each other and slammed their chests together like professional basketball players - an odd victory celebration for eight men who took down one prisoner.’
    • ‘We were told that it is customary to high-five the drivers as they come out of the pits.’
    • ‘After going into the locker room when the game ended, the Panthers came back out for a victory lap, high-fiving fans and jumping into the crowd.’


high five