Definition of high diving in English:

high diving


mass noun
  • The sport of diving into water from a high platform (officially from a height of 20 metres for women and 27 metres for men)

    ‘he led after Monday's opening two rounds of the men's high diving’
    • ‘If a sport entails high risk (e.g., skiing, gymnastics, high diving), neurologic consultation should be considered.’
    • ‘You must provide evidence of recognized qualifications in six or more categories that cover everything from gymnastics and boxing to martial arts and high diving.’
    • ‘Other sports that I might be naturally brilliant at include golf, shooting, high diving, sumo wrestling, caber tossing, and curling.’
    • ‘I recommend merging high diving and Graeco-Roman wrestling or gymnastics and team pursuit cycling.’
    • ‘He won gold in men's plain high diving, which was dropped from the program after that year.’
    • ‘Born in 1927, he excelled early in a variety of sports and became a champion in boxing, high diving, and pole vaulting.’
    • ‘Figure skating lends itself to such lucrative deals because it's so beautiful to look at on TV, whereas it's not so easy to put on a show of high diving or bobsleighing.’
    • ‘The performance involved a pool of water on stage and parts of the floors that raise and lower to accommodate dance numbers and high diving.’
    • ‘Her hobbies included kick-boxing, skiing, fencing, motorcycling, and high diving.’
    • ‘When you get a bad gene pool, you don't necessarily enlarge it for high diving (if I may complete the grotesque metaphor).’