Definition of High Court of Parliament in English:

High Court of Parliament


  • (in the UK) formal term for parliament
    • ‘The High Court of Parliament, still the supreme legislature of the Empire, has changed enormously in many ways.’
    • ‘It was intended to reconfirm the seniority of the High Court of Parliament over the High Court of Justice, and the precedence of the democratic representatives of the people over the judicial appointees of the Crown.’
    • ‘He said the case may well be taken to the High Court of Parliament, and if full compensation is ordered then this could even end up as a burden on the taxpayer.’
    • ‘The present prerogatives of Parliament stem in part from the successful outcome of its struggle with the Crown and rest also on its traditional judicial status as the High Court of Parliament.’
    • ‘In such cases the appeal has been to inferior courts, to courts whose judgments may again be reviewed by the High Court of Parliament.’