Definition of High Churchman in English:

High Churchman


  • See High Church

    • ‘Anglican High Churchmen referred - sometimes enviously - to the relative autonomy of non-established Scottish episcopalianism.’
    • ‘One of the clerics was John Wilkins, a consistent moderate who in perilous theological times annoyed the Puritans with his protection of Anglicans, and later upset the High Churchmen with his gentle treatment of the Dissenters.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, many evangelicals and High Churchmen still clung to the literal view of Genesis because it was exegetically the soundest interpretation.’
    • ‘Clergymen, including High Churchmen, were urged by Meyer in 1910 to pray for their local Baptist and Salvation Army neighbors.’
    • ‘This state interference in the Anglican Church was denounced as ‘national apostasy’ by High Churchmen in England.’