Definition of high-visibility in English:



  • 1Denoting outer clothing made of a fluorescent or reflective material intended to ensure that the garment's wearer can be easily seen by other people.

    ‘a high-visibility orange jacket’
    • ‘If you look at European golf tournaments, all the marshals are wearing high-visibility garments.’
    • ‘Four wardens, who wear high-visibility uniforms, have been operating in Kenyon Way until 6pm every evening.’
    • ‘He was wearing a high-visibility jacket.’
    • ‘The man, who was wearing high-visibility clothing, was hit by two vehicles on the A658 at Birkham Wood as he tried to direct traffic.’
    • ‘The Gallery has promised to take a series of measures to reduce disturbance to local residents, including marshals in high-visibility clothing to encourage customers to disperse quickly and quietly, and patrols to pick up litter.’
    • ‘The monitoring will be carried out by a ten-strong team from West Yorkshire Police's Underwater Search Unit who will wear high-visibility cycling uniforms.’
    • ‘Each warden will have a high-visibility jacket and radio contact with the city's CCTV nerve centre and police.’
    • ‘Motorcyclists are advised not to ride on the driver's tail, not to ride too close to the kerb or verge and to wear high-visibility clothing.’
    • ‘Safety is also a key trend, with more and more people recognizing the importance of wearing high-visibility apparel, whether riding a bicycle through town during broad daylight or taking out the dog for a nighttime walk.’
    • ‘l wear high-visibility clothing and leathers for protection’
    • ‘He was wearing a high-visibility vest and ear-defenders when airport staff stopped him.’
    • ‘The nation's uniform suppliers have been busy meeting the demand for high-visibility apparel.’
    • ‘The men, wearing high-visibility orange jackets or tabards, are reported to have been seen on the track at about 8.25 on the morning of the derailment.’
    • ‘Usually there will be an adult 'driver' walking at the front of the line and an adult 'conductor' at the back - with both adults and children wearing high-visibility jackets.’
    • ‘Four officers wearing high-visibility uniforms were scouring the city centre on specially adapted mountain bikes.’
    • ‘Even properly functioning signals and high-visibility garments sometimes fail to stop this kind of accident.’
    • ‘By spring, all of the system's 7,000 station workers will be wearing sports jackets, padded waistcoats, Doc Martens and hats bearing high-visibility reflective bands.’
    • ‘Kellie would like to see every rider and horse in high-visibility gear to ensure they are easily spotted on the darkest winter day.’
    • ‘Some people think we work for the police, or the council because our high-visibility vests look official.’
    • ‘He stressed that pedestrians should stick to properly designated crossings and cyclists should wear high-visibility clothing.’
  • 2Denoting something intended to attract a great deal of public attention.

    ‘a high-visibility advertising campaign’
    • ‘There's also a sharper scrutiny of all individuals in a high-visibility position.’
    • ‘He led a high-visibility life in Manhattan, and was often spotted at clubs and bars with actresses and models.’
    • ‘His efforts were not limited to high-visibility projects in the nation's capital.’
    • ‘She's in a high-profile, high-visibility, high-pressure profession.’
    • ‘The best way to advance through the ranks as a technology manager is to constantly look for high-visibility projects.’
    • ‘The meeting in Geneva thus ended abruptly in high-visibility failure.’
    • ‘He was now the head of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, a very high-visibility figure.’
    • ‘Although competitive Irish dancing has been around for years the form became broadly popular with such high-visibility shows as Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Riverdance.’
    • ‘This is a high visibility role with the potential for advancement.’
    • ‘Results from this research show that at least for high-visibility elections, challengers are likely to get more attention in stories than incumbents.’
    • ‘In the concern over these high-visibility cases, it is easy to forget that 99 percent of public corporations have done nothing that merits reproach.’
    • ‘They seek to connect issues, organizers, media activists and audiences in high-visibility, high-impact, action-oriented campaigns.’
    • ‘Youth violence is a high-visibility, high-priority concern in every sector of U. S. society.’
    • ‘When he was attorney general, he fought high-visibility battles with Wall Street.’
    • ‘Corporates, which sponsor high-visibility events, could also take over parks.’
    • ‘This award highlights new retailers, brands and concepts across any category which entered the market with a high-visibility launch campaign and in a short time became a brand of choice among shoppers.’
    • ‘He added that the police are building up a database of youths causing damage in Tiptree and that a high-visibility campaign in February had been successful and is due to be repeated.’
    • ‘Years of disappointment in high-stakes, high-visibility events like Wimbledon and the World Cup have given the nation a bad case of sporting stage fright.’
    • ‘While efforts to eliminate barriers to space commerce result in media attention and high-visibility policy discussion, it is important to note that many government policies have in fact been enabling space commerce.’
    • ‘This points back to what the T & A has been claiming for some years: that high-visibility policing is one of the best ways of tackling crime.’