Definition of high-velocity in English:



  • 1Having, involving, or discharged with great force and speed.

    ‘the frame is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand high-velocity collisions’
    • ‘If a pinhole rupture occurs, the vessel wall surrounding the catheter can be damaged by the high-velocity jet that can form.’
    • ‘More severe damage is caused by high-velocity silt-laden rivers.’
    • ‘The high-velocity gusts and an angry sea notwithstanding, a sailor had to win the battle within and then tame the field.’
    • ‘The huge distances between Earth and the nearest star make it necessary for us to conceive of extremely high-velocity starships if interstellar travel is to be possible.’
    • ‘He had to start his swing earlier to catch up to high-velocity pitches.’
    • ‘The intervening depressions result from a combination of deflation and sand abrasion achieved by high-velocity winds in areas with a minimal vegetation cover.’
    • ‘The two main areas are low-velocity constant flows, such as those from a neighboring site, and high-velocity flood events.’
    • ‘The company manufactures a variety of quality airflow products, including high-velocity fans, portable evaporative coolers, and ventilation fans.’
    • ‘The newly poured foam is subjected to rapid, high-velocity air suction, providing a slight negative pressure over the foam bun.’
    • ‘It is built to survive intense heating during high-velocity flight through the atmosphere and to protect the crew until it brings them safely to Earth.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting or relating to a gun capable of discharging a projectile with great force and speed.
      ‘both men were shot with a high-velocity rifle’
      • ‘Officers believe all five victims were shot at random from a distance with high-velocity bullets probably fired by a rifle.’
      • ‘The gun was a high-velocity hunting rifle, and it was loud.’
      • ‘High-velocity BB guns cause an average of four deaths per year in America.’
      • ‘The Safety Commission recommends that kids under the age of 16 not use high-velocity pellet guns.’
      • ‘Coastal artillery had become obsolete due to high-velocity naval ordnance and especially aircraft and missiles.’
      • ‘They fear it is being overtaken by vandals, gangs of youths, and, most worryingly, hunters using high-velocity weapons.’
      • ‘This is a personal defense weapon that fires a high-velocity round with a pistol-grip loaded magazine.’
      • ‘It began in a blizzard of howitzer shells, mortar rounds, high-velocity machine guns, and punishing aerial strikes.’
      • ‘It rather ungraciously destroyed a program developed by the agency for a light, agile tank with a high-velocity 75 mm gun.’
      • ‘The majority of these weapons demand certain conditions to be ideal before they can be used to full effect and have not yet supplanted the high-velocity tank gun.’