Definition of high-tensile in English:



  • (of metal) very strong under tension.

    ‘high-tensile steel’
    • ‘To reduce body weight, the automaker switched to 80-kg/cm2 high-tensile steel for key frame components.’
    • ‘We added an inline high-tensile fence stretcher at the end of our clotheslines.’
    • ‘The new blend offers high-tensile strength and rigidity, light weight and flexibility.’
    • ‘Carbon fibre is pre-impregnated directly onto honeycomb panels to form the body shell, with a roll-over bar manufactured from high-tensile steel.’
    • ‘It starts prosaically enough, as a tale about a Scottish company that makes high-tensile fences for farms.’
    • ‘The front and side chassis members are made from high-tensile steel and are straight, not curved.’
    • ‘Thus, I fed that high-tensile steel is a better alternative.’
    • ‘On the safety side, Mazda3 has high-tensile steel side panels and a rigid crossbeam that links the side members.’
    • ‘The high-tensile steel bearing under investigation is 14 inches in diameter and three feet long.’
    • ‘It was 19 layers of alternating high-tensile chocolate sponge cake and exotic ginger-accented vanilla.’
    • ‘Grade 80 high-tensile steel is used in the side sills, underfloor spars, and in the crush zones of the front and side frames.’
    • ‘It has a high-tensile aluminum housing and mounting plate.’
    • ‘Under the bonnet, high-tensile steel combines with magnesium and aluminium to give a chassis with a claimed 46 per cent increase in torsional stiffness.’
    • ‘The permanently attached rings lock the scope to the rifle via four high-tensile socket head cap screws.’
    • ‘Each of these anchors have the required high-tensile pullout values (check package labels).’
    • ‘The use of high-tensile steels has reduced the weight of the pressure hull, allowing a larger load of fuel and ammunition.’
    • ‘A woven-wire or high-tensile electric fence at least 4 feet high is best for property boundaries.’