Definition of high-street shop in English:

high-street shop


  • A shop located on the main street of a town or city, often distinguished from out-of-town or online shops.

    ‘two-thirds say they look at the product in a high-street shop before buying online’
    • ‘You just can't get them in your bland, predictable high-street shops.’
    • ‘He sees his next big task as improving the image of his high-street shops.’
    • ‘Tattooing and piercing have become desirable commodities bought and sold in hygienically clean high-street shops.’
    • ‘Some experts believe the situation could escalate into an autumn crisis for many high-street shops.’
    • ‘Increasingly, convenience machines are found in high-street shops, pubs, and nightclubs rather than more remote locations.’
    • ‘I tend to buy sparkly, sexy numbers from high-end high-street shops.’
    • ‘I hate the actual business of shopping, especially the loud thumping music that high-street shops play.’
    • ‘Competition between high-street banks does not work the same way as competition between high-street shops.’
    • ‘The closure of high-street shops has yet to be felt here.’
    • ‘At least all that sunshine means it doesn't seem quite so unseasonable to find racks of bikinis in the high-street shops.’