Definition of high-resolution in English:



  • (of a display or a photographic or video image) showing a large amount of detail.

    ‘even trivial applications will require a high-resolution display’
    • ‘This is expected to be the world's most advanced commercial high-resolution satellite.’
    • ‘The cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous in their representation of anime spliced into a high-resolution computer graphics world.’
    • ‘We are offered a full-frame image that appears to be directly lifted from a high-resolution transfer.’
    • ‘The company says the unit has been designed to provide a high-quality, high-resolution picture even in rooms with plenty of light.’
    • ‘It lets users download high-resolution digital images onto their PCs.’
    • ‘An area with considerable potential for the music industry is high-resolution, multichannel audio.’
    • ‘They recently launched a flagship high-resolution custom photo editing service on their website.’
    • ‘Their high-resolution parameter controls let you fine-tune spectral balance.’
    • ‘Most are approximately 8 by 10 inches with a high-resolution LCD screen.’
    • ‘An upcoming ad campaign will promote this upgrade for DVD players that lets users play high-resolution video games.’