Definition of high-paying in English:



  • (of a job) providing a high wage.

    ‘high-paying technology jobs’
    • ‘Hockey is more than just a sport for talented pros with high-paying contracts playing in cavernous, filled arenas.’
    • ‘Many Puerto Rican mainlanders hold high-paying white collar jobs.’
    • ‘Graduates can normally expect high-paying jobs, especially in the public sector.’
    • ‘The result could be a vast influx of foreign professionals from many low-wage nations, competing with American citizens for high-paying jobs.’
    • ‘William is excited when he is offered a high-paying job in London.’
    • ‘More and more crews are opting for high-paying gigs on American productions shot in Toronto.’
    • ‘America's strongest suit is innovation, which will always create new high-paying positions.’
    • ‘Learning is respected, and education past secondary schooling is highly valued, in part as a route to high-paying occupations.’
    • ‘As the U.S. economy evolves, innovation will create new high-paying jobs.’
    • ‘A friend offered Holland a high-paying management position in a prestigious corporation.’
    profitable, profit-making, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking, paying, high-income, well paid, bankable, cost-effective
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