Definition of high-necked in English:



  • (of a garment) having a collar or neckline that sits high against or close to the neck.

    ‘a beige high-necked sweater’
    • ‘My mother always taught us if you wore a short skirt, you wore a high-necked top.’
    • ‘She studied the beautiful, dark-haired young woman in the high-necked black cocktail dress that concealed more than it revealed yet managed to be incredibly sexy.’
    • ‘The dress had a small brown flower pattern and was both high-necked and sleeveless, and hugged in just the right areas.’
    • ‘Each girl wore the traditional simple white cotton dress, high-necked, long-sleeved, of ankle length.’
    • ‘The chorus is clad in flowing, simple, high-necked robes.’
    • ‘He wore a green high-necked shirt and poofy black pants tucked into leather boots.’
    • ‘She wears a high-necked white gown, perhaps to satisfy some ancient bridal fetish.’
    • ‘The women volunteers wear demure bonnets and high-necked uniforms.’
    • ‘The image of the female lawyer in a little bow tie and high-necked shirt was pretty much gone by the time I arrived.’
    • ‘In her navy blazer and high-necked blouse, she seems a throwback to the early eighties.’