Definition of high-interest in English:



  • (of a bank account, loan, etc.) incurring a high or relatively high rate of interest.

    ‘put extra money into paying off high-interest credit cards’
    • ‘The golden rule is to set aside a proportion of turnover in a separate, high-interest savings account to meet your tax bill.’
    • ‘They have to rely on short-term, high-interest bank accounts to maximize the return on spare cash they have at any time.’
    • ‘Litigation finance companies offer plaintiffs access to funds through high-interest cash advances.’
    • ‘Steering them to high-interest loans is the stock-in-trade of predatory brokers.’
    • ‘A prudent investment strategy would be to start by building up a cash reserve in secure offshore high-interest accounts.’
    • ‘The astute expatriate, then, will have his or her savings sitting pretty in an offshore building society or high-interest cheque account.’
    • ‘Women, in particular, are targeted for high-interest cards.’
    • ‘At face value, replacing high-interest debt with a low-interest mortgage is a good idea.’
    • ‘Many banks will let you open a high-interest savings account with just a quid.’
    • ‘She joins a host of others forced to pay 60 per cent or more of their net income toward high-interest mortgages.’