Definition of high-functioning in English:



  • Performing or operating at a high level (frequently used in the context of developmental disorders)

    ‘high-functioning autistic children’
    ‘a high-functioning, multicultural organization’
    • ‘John was diagnosed with high-functioning autism.’
    • ‘Relatively high-functioning, moderately depressed people, those most likely to enroll in and finish a trial, are, as it happens, more likely to register a high placebo response.’
    • ‘It's an in-patient program for high-functioning professionals with severe depression.’
    • ‘D is a high-functioning child with no cognitive difficulties who needs to be stretched.’
    • ‘We cannot have a high-functioning industrial economy if the key commodities that fuel it are produced in regions wracked by terminal instability.’
    • ‘The man who would create so much of the American technological template over the last couple decades was a prototypical high-functioning baby-boomer.’
    • ‘Nowadays, ten times that many children are diagnosed with an autism-spectrum disorder, many of them at the high-functioning Asperger's end.’
    • ‘She was, at least on the spectrum, pretty high functioning, at least to begin with.’
    • ‘My seven-year-old daughter is autistic - she's high functioning, but she needs to attend a school for special needs children.’
    • ‘Crucial to a high-functioning team, feedback needs to be delivered in a way that will inspire, not alienate.’