Definition of high-end in English:



  • Denoting the most expensive of a range of products.

    ‘high-end computers’
    • ‘The aim of the company is to bring a high-end product to the customer but most importantly to do so at an affordable price.’
    • ‘The GDDR3 memory is expected to be widely used on high-end and mainstream graphics cards this year.’
    • ‘The camera phone market is also a genuinely mixed bag, with high-end handsets selling as well as low-end models.’
    • ‘This place comes highly recommended, though its services are definitely high-end.’
    • ‘Instead, they focus on high-end interior design products such as kitchen and bath cabinetry.’
    • ‘If you are really serious and want to invest in a high-end guitar though, be prepared to pay over £300.’
    • ‘Many high-end printers have their own built-in hard disks to store print jobs.’
    • ‘Of course, those looking to impress with a fancy high-end luxury motor still have to pay through the nose.’
    • ‘At the very top of the market, sales of high-end luxury vehicles are fairly static.’
    • ‘The new tank is made of carbon fibre, similar to materials used in high-end bicycles and tennis rackets.’
    • ‘It shows that video games are not just about high-end graphics or sophisticated representation.’
    • ‘Sure, the art and culture of Yorkville is now gone, but high-end boutiques need a home in this city as well.’
    • ‘In truth, this kind of driver-pampering has been available for a while now in high-end executive saloons.’
    • ‘Many high-end printers do this using a built-in hard disks to store print jobs.’
    • ‘HP is not the only vendor that has had trouble hitting its performance targets on its high-end Unix machines.’
    • ‘He said prices for high-end properties varied a lot, depending on their quality and location.’
    • ‘Amid a glut in high-end offices and apartments, it has cut prices and begun using outside sales agents.’
    • ‘Until now their delicious bread has only been available in high-end restaurants and in Farmers Markets.’
    • ‘Toyota isn't the only auto maker with ambitions to dominate the high-end car market on the mainland.’
    • ‘Plans for the company include further expansion into the area of high-end kitchen appliances.’
    superior, premier, top-end, exclusive, elite, top, select, choice, deluxe, luxurious, classy, prime, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, high-grade, five-star, fine, finest
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