Definition of high-cal in English:



  • ‘high-cal Tex-Mex fare like pork chop tacos and cheesy enchiladas’
    short for high-calorie
    • ‘I think peanut butter is my fave high-cal splurge.’
    • ‘High-cal foods take more exercise to get rid of.’
    • ‘Sweets and high-cal indulgences top our swearing-off lists as we enter the season of resolutions and new diets.’
    • ‘Beware of tofu that's been slathered with high-cal marinades or sauces.’
    • ‘I try to have fruit and veggies on hand to fulfill the munchies and not get trapped with high fat/high cal options.’
    • ‘You have a good-for-you energy bar in your bag ... but there's a high-cal chocolate bar in the vending machine that's screaming your name.’
    • ‘An expert argues that the ubiquity of cheap, high-cal foods is driving our obesity crisis.’
    • ‘Trade your high-cal ice cream, pizza, pasta, and more for these 16 skinnier substitutions.’
    • ‘The only machines I've seen personally have been crammed with sweet junk, the "healthier" alternative being high-cal crisps.’
    • ‘Substitute high-cal side dishes with low-fat options such as steamed vegetables, brown rice or fresh fruit.’