Definition of hierocracy in English:



mass noun
  • 1Rule by priests.

    • ‘These people promoted the Temple-centered sacrificial hierocracy, legitimated by the Persian authority, with high priests appointed by the Persian authorities.’
    1. 1.1count noun A ruling body composed of priests.
      • ‘Assuredly, by foretelling the destruction of a Temple a preacher could invite backlash for the implied criticism of its hierocracy.’
      • ‘Totalitarian dictatorships and religious hierocracies become so paranoid about their continuity, that every minute aspect of life is legislated for and internal revolution only becomes possible when external disturbances disrupt the structure.’
      • ‘It isn't a mind-altering cult that prays to lords and spiritual sources like Christianity and other forms of organized religion or hierocracies.’
      • ‘It knows too well that hierocracies have not been shining examples of justice among the aristocracies, monarchies, democracies, plutocracies, race tyrannies and class rules which have oppressed mankind.’
      • ‘He was brought up a Catholic, and maintained strong relationships with both the Protestant and Catholic hierocracies.’