Definition of hideout in English:



  • A hiding place, especially one used by someone who has broken the law:

    ‘the kidnappers did not want their hideout discovered’
    • ‘One reason that no one ever discovered their hideout was because no one ever dared to stray too far into the forest.’
    • ‘As the news of the victory spread across the country, villagers left their mountain hideouts and joined his righteous army, which grew into a force of 2,000 people.’
    • ‘With its maze of undulating ravines and dense forests, the Chambal Valley has provided perfect cover for the hideouts of numerous dacoit gangs for decades.’
    • ‘The islands of the Caribbean are filled with significant historical sites, from old forts to pirate hideouts.’
    • ‘The capture came at 5.30 pm GMT last night, after US forces received intelligence on two possible hideouts in the town.’
    • ‘Russian news agencies said the gunships pounded guerrilla hideouts in the region's mountainous south, killing at least a dozen people.’
    • ‘Security forces recovered a huge quantity of arms and ammunitions from different hideouts raided during the last 24 hours.’
    • ‘The pair then went on the run and were only discovered at a hideout in Leeds following a nationwide manhunt after the killing.’
    • ‘He retreated to his hideouts in the mountains of Tajikistan, taking his men and their weapons with him.’
    • ‘Despite superior numbers and firepower, Russian troops have been unable to uproot the rebels from their mountainous hideouts.’
    • ‘Most of the men in the village had also sought protection from the guerrillas, whose hideouts were located in several hilly areas nearby.’
    • ‘He used his freedom of movement to steal and smuggle Jewish secular and religious texts to safe hideouts, where some of them were to survive the war.’
    • ‘The police teams have in the past few days carried out extensive searches and raids on possible hideouts of the accused.’
    • ‘The islanders said they had survived Cyclone Zoe by fleeing to mountain hideouts along paths their ancestors had used for centuries during cyclones.’
    • ‘Shortly after dawn on September 10, five military helicopters swooped on the remote jungle hideout.’
    • ‘The crunch of the leaves told them that their hideout would soon be discovered.’
    • ‘A secretive millionaire Rangers fan has bought a castle, once used as a hideout by Rob Roy MacGregor, to be closer to his beloved Ibrox Park.’
    • ‘The rebels' hideouts are based in northern Uganda and in southern Sudan.’
    • ‘It is rugged country, mostly mountainous, with hundreds of caves and hideouts.’
    • ‘Although most of the hostages were released unharmed in exchange for the rebels' safe passage to their hideouts, this act of terrorism cannot be condoned.’
    hiding place, hideaway, retreat, refuge, shelter, bolt-hole, foxhole, lair, safe house, sanctuary, sanctum, hermitage
    sanctum sanctorum
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