Definition of hide beetle in English:

hide beetle


  • A dull brown scavenging beetle that feeds on stored hides and dried meat and may be a serious pest of warehouses.

    Dermestes maculatus, family Dermestidae

    • ‘The bacon beetle and the hide beetle are two larger species that can measure up to 8mm.’
    • ‘A new insecticide labelled for control of darkling beetles, hide beetles and flies, known as orthoboric acid, provides long residual control up to nine to twelve months or longer.’
    • ‘The darkling beetle, lesser meal worm and hide beetle invade and consume significant quantities of poultry feed.’
    • ‘Initially, use this product once every 2 weeks and then monthly to assure hide beetles won't return.’
    • ‘Mature larvae of the hide beetle, Dermestes maculatus, have the habit of boring into various hard surfaces to pupate, usually preferring softwoods.’