Definition of hickory in English:



  • 1A chiefly North American tree of the walnut family, which yields tough, heavy timber and typically bears edible nuts (pecans).

    Genus Carya, family Juglandaceae: several species. See also pecan

    • ‘In the southern Blue Ridge, the chestnut was replaced largely by oaks and hickories, and also by yellow-poplar, maple, hemlock, and other species, depending on local conditions.’
    • ‘A canopy of hickory, oak and mesquite shrouded the barn and the muddy red clay.’
    • ‘Snaking across rugged forested land, the trails lead you through a mix of oak, hickory, beech and maple that present a range of almost Eastern-quality fall colors.’
    • ‘However, Stone envisioned some twenty pieces of furniture - chairs, couches, sofas, benches, stools, screens, and tables - in oak, hickory, and cherry.’
    • ‘Just as well, because hickory, long the wood of choice, is in short supply.’
    1. 1.1 A stick made of hickory wood.
  • 2Australian An acacia tree that yields tough, close-grained timber.

    Genus Acacia, family Leguminosae: several species, in particular A. implexa

    • ‘On the ridges and slopes white box and red stringy bark (E.macroryncha) dominate in association with kurrajong and hickory wattle.’


Late 17th century: abbreviation of pohickery, the local Virginian name, from Algonquian pawcohiccora.